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“Change your thoughts and change your life because for things to change,

YOU have to change!” –  

For thousands of years, people have sought advice and assistance spiritually  from our ancestors, guardian angels, guides, psychics and those involved in the metaphysical fields. 

Take a moment now to examine how you’re feeling. Why are you reading this and what has attracted you to my page? Are you feeling frustrated, stuck or confused? Maybe you are considering major decisions in life, love, relationships, business, career, finances or a move? Help in emotional decisions?

Chances are you’re looking for answers and you want someone to point you in the right direction with practical advice aided by spiritual guidance.  I’m excited to work with you should you feel you need the ear of someone who listens and understands your concerns.  I am known for my forthrightness and clarity and you can go to the Testimonials page to see what my clients have to say.

Malaysian by birth, Japanese by heritage and both Australian and Singaporean by citizenship, spirituality and psychic insights have been a strong part of my family lineage.

My life journey brought me professional experience as a financial planner and teacher, however my true calling was and has been my work of the past 50 years as a professional psychic intuitive.

With my experience, you will be assured that I am able to respond with empathy, understanding, confidence and confidentiality in addressing the insights, answers and the direction you seek. 

When you come to see me, you will know that every reading is individualised to ensure that you have the insights most relevant to YOU. As always, my spiritual Guide and my angels work closely with me to collaborate with your guides to do our best for you.  The Reading will be all about YOU!

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