Hello, my friend!

Thank you for being the slightest bit curious about me. Here is a little bit of information about my background so you can get to know me. I am an accurate and experienced PSYCHIC INTUITIVE with more than 50 years of consulting and doing Readings in the Spiritual Field. This experience was gathered from thousands of readings done nationally and internationally.

I was born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore and spent 18 years travelling all over the world with my husband Bob, a Senior Petroleum Engineer. Having been influenced from an early childhood by a psychic/medium grandmother, an intuitive mother and a vast range of eastern influences and philosophies, it was a period, albeit unknowingly at the time, that I absorbed extensive spiritual knowledge through a variety of cultures, religions, traditions and customs.

Although I was in a Catholic school, my friends were multi-racial, from various religions and myriad customs and I was as familiar with Catholicism as in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and other religions. With religion came the superstitions as well as the esoteric beliefs so I had great exposure to the paranormal and the supernatural.

During my teenage years in Singapore and Malaysia, I did “fun readings” using an ordinary pack of playing cards as Tarot cards and other esoteric decks were, at that time, banned from being sold or used. I developed a great interest in Astrology and Palmistry, as oddly enough, these arts were widely accepted in Asia.

Travelling and living in various Asian countries in the first few years of wedded bliss, I developed an even keener interest in Metaphysics and although my “readings” were different from the local psychics, I had no problems attracting clients who were drawn to my honesty, caring nature and ability to intuit into their current issues.

Then came my turning point. In 1978, my husband and I with our 3 children were transferred to Aberdeen Scotland where I had my first ever Tarot card reading from a Spiritualist, thus creating a lifelong love for Divination cards of any kind, Tarot, Zen and Angel cards among them. My new friend then introduced me to the local Spiritualist church where I met mediums, psychics, healers and readers and I was introduced to an entirely different way of reading.  I was totally in love!

I was taught about spiritual awareness, personal responsibility, connecting with Angels and guides, inner power, personal worth and l developed a whole new Belief system. It was wonderful and I threw myself with so much enthusiasm into my new found knowledge that I had to be reminded that Balance was needed as I had a family to care for. Thus began an awesome period of “Knowing Myself.”

Besides Tarot, Psychometry, Flower, Photos, Chakra and Aura readings were introduced to me as I became part of a cherished closed Meditation circle. There were fantastic mediums in Scotland and I now feel so blessed to have had such a great start to my Spiritual Journey.

Over the following years, we lived in many different parts of Europe and the Middle East and I become aware of other forms of spiritualism and the paranormal. We travelled to America several times and I was lucky enough to attend Psychic Fairs there, long before they became popular in other parts of the world.

I thrived in that atmosphere and knew then, that THIS is what I am meant to do with my life, so began my career as a Professional Spiritual reader. Numerology, Colour Interpretations and Feng Shui got added to my repertoire and I began to run Meditation and Psychic Development classes conducted courses on several topics and facilitated regular monthly Angel Gatherings. (as I am also an Angel Intuitive, having attended Doreen Virtue’s seminars from 2002 to 2006)

And of course, I was continually giving readings, consulting with many people who went on to become dear friends. Finally, we returned to Australia in the early 1990’s moving from Perth to Melbourne, to Sydney, back to Melbourne and in 2005, we decided to make our final move to Brisbane.

From 1995 to 2001, my husband and I organized Psychic Expos travelling all around Australia with our band of psychics and New Age-associated products. From Sydney, we travelled as far as to Western Australia, Northern Queensland and Tasmania and had the best ever time, being with like-minded people. After years of practically living out of suitcases, we decided to become home-based and my husband and I did private one-to-one and telephone readings.

During this time, I facilitated meditation and psychic development courses, taught others how to read the Tarot and analyze Numerology charts, was asked to give talks on various topics, consulted as a psychic for several conventions, seminars, festivals and private functions. I met the most amazing souls during this time.

So, my dear reader, my life has been a learning curve – teaching me Patience, Tolerance, Trust and Belief – and I am STILL a student, albeit a willing one, as there is so much more than I am eager to know. My journey is never – ending nor do I want it to end.

Life has presented me with fantastic opportunities especially through my Spiritual Journey and I love to say, “bring it on!”


Good luck with YOUR own journey. May you have fun with it, like I have.

Please share your story with me if you would like to. I would love to read it.

With Angel Blessings, Love and Light to you who are reading this,