Hi, and thanks for your curiosity!

I look forward to getting to know you. Born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore, and now proudly Australian, I’ve been a professional psychic intuitive medium for over 50 years, delivering timely and accurate insights to thousands of clients in Australia and internationally.

From childhood, I was immersed in a variety of cultures, traditions and customs, learning from my mother and grandmother who also shared a great interest in psychic mediumship. Their eastern influences and philosophies have shaped many of my personal beliefs and current professional practices.

I recall my teenage years in Singapore, performing psychic readings using decks of ordinary playing cards for classmates at my Catholic school. It was truly a cultural melting pot.

I was as familiar with Catholicism as with Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and other religions. Of course, the nuns at school were never too far behind me and I was often punished with extra prayers for dabbling in the supernatural. Naturally, this only served to increase my interest in the esoteric and the metaphysical.

In my early twenties, I met my life partner and soul mate, Bob, a Senior Petroleum Engineer.  We spent the next 20 years travelling the world with our 3 children and it was only after moving to Aberdeen, Scotland where I received my first Tarot reading and was introduced to many Spiritualist Churches, sparking my lifelong passion for divination tools. I was totally in love!

I was taught about spiritual awareness, personal responsibility, connecting with angels and guides, inner power, personal worth and developed a whole new belief system. My enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge was so encompassing, I had to be reminded of my family responsibilities. Thus began a wonderful period of “knowing myself.”

There were fantastic mediums in Scotland and I feel so blessed to have had such a great start to my spiritual journey.  I became part of a cherished closed meditation circle.

Over the following years, we lived in many different parts of Europe and the Middle East and I become aware of other forms of spirituality and the paranormal. We travelled to America several times and I was lucky enough to attend psychic fairs there, long before they became popular in other parts of the world. Finally, we returned to Australia in the 1990’s.

From 1995 to 2001, my husband and I organised Psychic Expos travelling all around Australia with our band of psychics and New Age-associated services and products. From Sydney, we travelled as far as to Western Australia, Northern Queensland and Tasmania and had the best ever time, being with like-minded people. After years of practically living out of suitcases, we decided to become home-based and my husband and I did private one-to-one and telephone readings.

During this time, I facilitated meditation and psychic development courses, taught others to read the Tarot and analyze numerology charts, was asked to give talks on various topics, consulted as a psychic for several conventions, seminars, festivals and private functions. I met the most wonderful people during this time.

So, my dear reader, my life has been a learning curve – teaching me patience, tolerance, trust and belief – and I am STILL a student, albeit a willing one, as there is so much more than I am eager to know. My journey is never – ending nor do I want it to end.

Life has presented me with fantastic opportunities especially through my spiritual journey and I love to say, “Bring it on!”
So, with my years of consulting experience, doing readings for people from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures, various belief systems with varied issues whether they be personal, relationships, career, business, financial or otherwise, let me help.

Or you might want to develop your own spiritual journey and just need a heads-up.

Good luck with YOUR own journey. May you have fun with it, like I have. 

Please share your story with me if you would like to. I would love to read it.

With Angel Blessings, Love and Light to you who are reading this.

Jeanette Jones, Psychic Medium