Neuro Lights – A Whole Mind and Body Experience

This is a Total Brain Wellness Programme and consists of Brain Gym, Brain Food and Brain Skills.

The Programme deals with Neuroplasticity Training and it is a Light / sound device that delivers potent signals to the brain.

The lights have a plasticity ie, it can be induced to transcend energy and allow this energy to flow through all energy points of the body.

It accelerates Learning creating a whole mind and body experience.

Essentially, it shifts the Pineal Gland as it works in sequence with the mind as it invites us to journey and explore our inner consciousness.

Neuro Lights help you get into altered states of consciousness like “Astral Travelling / Astral Projection / Lucid Dreaming / Out of Body Experiences /  Remote viewing and into other subconscious activities.

As a bonus, it also reduces stress and anxiety, assists you to enter into a deeper state of meditation and helps you access your creativity.

Your mind is more capable than you think and is capable of dynamic changes throughout our entire lifespan. It opens doors for increasing AND sustaining Brain Wellness.

Some of the Neuro Light Benefits are

  • Aging Issues
  • Clear Focus
  • Cognitive Difficulties
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Enhancing Co-ordination
  • Enhancing Intelligence
  • Improving Memory
  • Inner Peace
  • Less Anxiety
  • Neurological Problems