Personal Reading of your Numerology Birthday Blueprint

A Personal Numerology Reading can assist you in navigating your way through Life Cycles, Pinnacles, Challenges, Karmic Lessons, etc and help you make correct decisions & / or understand why you go through certain periods in your life.

Using your Name and Birth Date, Jeanette will focus on the vibration of your NAME, Age Digit, tie it up with your Zodiac / Sun sign and your Grid.
From here, Jeanette can see the Personality you have chosen, the service has Soul has decided on through your LIFE PATH.

Analysing your Life Triangle, she can see The highs and lows in your life, the Pinnacles, Challenges and Karmic lessons that you experienced at various times in your life and help you understand the whys and wherefores of decisions you made then, leading you to the Here and Now.

Numerology can also help you make important decisions on career choices, love life, buying or selling a home, getting married, having a baby, travel or other Life changes.

Experience this reading for yourself and see how helpful it can be.

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