A Reading with Jeanette

A Psychic Intuitive Reading focuses on the Present with directions for the Future based on what has happened in the Past.

Jeanette makes her readings personal and individualised and uses her intuitive psychic abilities to receive messages from a Higher Source to assist you with your concerns, opportunities you hope to utilise, crossroads you are encountering, choices that have to be made regarding relationships, family, career, finances & / or life in general.  She uses her intuition to interpret your Numerology Blueprint analysis based on your Birth date, and utilises her Oracle cards.

As her clients can attest, Jeanette is a huge source of comfort and cares deeply especially, for those in “trapped situations.” She has clients who have consulted her over many years, recommended family members and friends to her, and distance is not an issue as she has many international clients and works odd hours to suit time differences.

Jeanette is a strong advocate for women in particular empowering themselves and trusting their own inner feelings.  She is proud to admit that many of her clients have ended up as close friends.

With Jeanette’s 50+ years’ experience as an accredited professional Psychic Intuitive, you can be assured that she does her very best to make it all about YOU!