With Jeanette Jones
At Preston Close, Albany Creek
Sunday, 30th September 2018
10am to 2.30pm

Cost: $75


A Precious Gift to Yourself


• Don’t you wish sometimes that you could attend a regular weekly
Psychic Development and Meditation class so you could develop
that “Inner Knowing” part of yourself that you know is there, but
have never quite found the knack of bringing it out into the open.
• Or you have it but there is no one to practice with, to
help you hone into your gifts and validate your skills.
• Or getting the chance of bonding with like-minded souls
so you could expose your inner self without being self-conscious.
• Or being in a safe environment where you can ask questions,
discuss topics and explore opinions that most people shy
away from, but you were always curious to know more.
• Or do you want to commit to entering the spiritual world where you could
extend your intuition from the logical to seeing with your Third Eye,
allowing you to journey from the physical into the metaphysical,
breaking your occasional wall of disbelief & mistrust
• Or perhaps you just don’t have the time to put aside
a couple of hours for that desperately needed “Me Time”
Well now you can!!!
Join Jeanette on the last Sunday of every month from
New Agenda and exercises every month.
Call: 0419 888 140 to find out more.




Spend a perfect day just chilling out Spiritually.
Join us in Meditations
Discuss Auras and Chakras
Meeting your Archangels, Angels and Guides
Learning to read cards intuitively
Psychometry Exercises reading Photos and Jewellery
Practice protecting your Energy
Learning Healing techniques
Crystals and their incredible uses.
Wear comfortable clothing
Bring a dish to share for lunch
Have an open attitude
Early Bird Discount: $68
if paid by 20th September
Call Jeanette on 0419 888 140 to register
Or Email: angelblessings888@bigpond.com